About Me


My Name is Catriona Robertson and have been working with animals for over 15 years.

From very little I have had a huge involvement interacting with different animal and from the age of 11 I have been working with horses and helped with the care, volunteering for RDA ( Riding for the Disabled) 


I went to Barony College where I would help with farm work on the weekends and Oatridge College where i eventually received my HNC Animal Care Qualification.

I got myself involved with lambing for a month which I would happily do again where I can.


When I finished College I had been looking for work which proved difficult so eventually decided to set up Critter Sitter in 2012 as a measure to keep my knowledge up, until I found what I was looking for.

After a while my business grew and had to make a decision "do i keep the business going or carry on looking for other work?"

After some reviews from clients and thought, I decided to keep my business going and happy I made it. I have enjoyed every minute working with pets and their owners watching Critter Sitter grow and grow and now have others who help with me.