Dog walks are from 30min-1hr long


Costs:  First Dog £10  Second Dog £8

Your dog is a much loved extension of your family and each of these family members has its own individual personality and needs.

At Critter Sitter we take pride in providing the best possible care for your family pet and any requirements you have, we take into consideration.


​Each walk lasts between 30min - 1hr within or around the surrounding area where you stay.

Your dog will be walked to meet its individual requirements whether this is a nice stroll in the park or off the beaten track giving your dog the exercise it needs

Dogs can be sociable or prefer just the company of their human counterparts so Critter Sitter are happy to take your dog out in groups or one on one.


What We Ask

Ensure your dog is vaccinated and microchipped  

We must meet new Customers prior to initial booking to meet you and your dog. This is to decide if we are right for you and fill the paperwork is you are happy to proceed.


A mileage charge of 45p per mile will be added if transport is needed to get to destination but will be waived if the client lives within Peebles.  



Dog Walking